Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio


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Age: 29
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155lbs
Bust: 34A (natural)
Hair: Brown
Smoker: No
Body Art:
Piercings & Tattoos


Independent Escort
Incall & Outcall
Location: Columbus, OH


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Indulge yourself and allow me to help you relax and unwind in a discreet and sensuous setting.  I absolutely love meeting new people and I'm happy to engage your mind and your senses on a wide variety of topics.  I have a college education, and I love to read books, watch television shows, make music, have fun, and enjoy life.  I look forward to bringing my energy, enthusiasm, compassion, and attentiveness to our time together.  I love learning new things, and I love to help other people learn new things as well. 

I enjoy body art, and I sport a number of tattoos and piercings, as well as having plans for more in the future.  My art means a great deal to me and I've been blessed to find talented artists to make gorgeous creations.  The art pairs well with creamy pale skin, blue eyes, and reddish brown hair.  My well-muscled yet curvy athletic body is a fantastic treat to the eye. 

I very much enjoy what I do, and I look forward to getting to know you as a person, learning what our mutual chemistry is like, and enjoying each moment we share together.  I believe you will find me to be remarkably authentic and alive, and I think my curiosity and zest for living are infectious and unique.  I am eager to explore our connection and to help you go back out into the world feeling refreshed and lighter on your feet.


Asteria Wolf  /  614-468-3513

Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio

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Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio


1 Hour $400
1.5 Hours $550
2 Hours $700
Each Additional Hour $300
4 Hour Dinner Date $1000
Overnight (Allow 8 hours for sleep) $2000

Please Note:

  • My shortest available meeting time is 1 hour. Donations are non-negotiable​, but if you read carefully you may be able to earn my Wolf Tamer discount
  • I am willing to travel up to 30 minutes away from my incall for 1-hour appointments.
  • If I am required to travel further than 30 minutes, a longer meeting duration is required.  Please enquire for details.
  • If we last met at a different donation, I'm happy to continue meeting at that level as long as no more than 6 months have passed since our last meeting.

I pride myself in my ability to communicate clearly and effectively with you, and in the respect that I show for your time.  Mutual respect in this regard is appreciated.  I understand that emergencies happen, but if you must cancel fewer than 8 hours in advance of our meeting, I will require at least 50% of the donation for the canceled meeting before I will agree to meet with you again..  For a no-call, no-show, or a cancellation less than an hour in advance, I must receive the donation in full.  I take great care to be on time and prepared for our meeting, and my time is as valuable to me as yours is to you.

I am a professional escort:
Donations are for my time and companionship only. If anything else occurs it is as a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults. Any fantasy scenarios contained in this site are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio


Please view my calendar to see the times when I am available to meet with you.  
I do my best to keep my calendar up-to-date for at least two weeks in advance, but feel free to reach out and ask if you have a date in mind that is further ahead than I have already scheduled. 

Same day availability is not guaranteed, even if showing available on my calendar.  
Please allow at least 2-3 hours notice for a same-day arrangement, and if at all possible try to schedule with me a day or more in advance.  Meeting with someone new on the same day is unlikely, as verification procedures must be completed prior to meeting. 

Tip: Open this calendar in a new window for a larger view.

Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio


I'm very excited to meet you!  

Here are a few tips to make sure our meeting goes as smoothly as possible:

Initial Contact

Introduce yourself.  
I love to know what name to call you, and this helps to quickly establish rapport. 

Check my calendar to see when I am available.
I try to keep it accurate at least two weeks out, and I provide this for the convenience of both of us.  

Have your screening information prepared up front.  
The screening materials are listed on my contact page.  This shows me you are serious about meeting and that you respect my concern for safety.  I will not schedule with you until screening is completed.  

Text or email me if possible.
I will not take phone calls from numbers I don't recognize, and it is very time-consuming to check private messages on various websites.  The contact form on this website goes to my email address, which is

Let me know a little bit about you.  
This helps me to get a picture of your personality and what you look like so that I can already feel familiar with you when we meet.

Setting Up A Meeting

Only set a meeting with me if you are sure you can make it.
I will be respectful of your time, and I expect you to be respectful of mine.  Since I share an incall with another provider, I need to be respectful of her time in reserving the location as well.  Only cancel or reschedule if you absolutely must, and please communicate this as soon as you know you need to.

Include duration & location information.
Let me know how long you would like to meet for, and whether it will be incall or outcall up front.
If you have any special needs, please let me know well in advance.​
Do not try to negotiate my donations.

Do not ask me questions about activities or send me explicit messages.
I am well-reviewed and this should help to answer your questions.  If my reviews don't answer your questions, and you are not comfortable meeting without having them answered, I recommend moving on to a different provider.  If you ask me about activities, I will stop communicating with you immediately. 

Do not ask me for additional pictures.
I have plenty of photographs available on my website, and I am very serious about protecting my identity.  Therefore, I will not send any photos to you that include my face or my tattoos.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Please keep communications prompt and short.  
I'm happy to help you out in getting set up to meet, but I prefer to spend time with you face-to-face, when I can focus my entire time and attention on you.  I do not wish to spend large amounts of time conversing via text or email outside of our meetings.

Meeting Day

If you need additional information from me, please ask well in advance.  
Starting about 2 hours before our meeting I will be very busy preparing myself and my incall for your arrival and will unlikely be able to communicate very much.

Verify that we will be meeting.  
Sometimes I will reach out to you, but I welcome you to do so first.
Please follow all instructions I give you for getting to my incall very carefully.  This will help cut down on confusion and wasted time trying to find my place and parking.  

Arrive on time.  
I am usually unable to extend our meeting beyond its normally scheduled end time.  Any amount of time that you arrive late is time you may take from yourself.  I am usually unable to start appointments early if you arrive more than five minutes ahead of time.

Make sure you are well-showered and groomed with teeth recently brushed.
If you are a smoker, I appreciate efforts to cover the smell of smoke.

The Rendezvous

Knock on my door quietly.  I will let you in.  
Have the correct donation ready, sealed in an envelope or card, and set it on any desk or dresser you like where I can see it.  I do not want to talk about donation during our time together.  

If you have gifts aside from your donation, let me know when you would like me to open them. 
Do you prefer to have me open it near the beginning of our meet, especially if it is a treat to share?  Or do you prefer I wait until after we are done so that we can focus our time on each other?

I will set some music to play for us.  
Please let me know if you would like me to change it to something else.

Communicate with me.
 Tell me things you like and don't like.  Everybody is a little bit different and I am not a mind-reader, even if you would like me to be in charge.  If you want something, please ask!  I can always say no, but I have no way of knowing if you don't tell me.  

Listen to things I tell you so that we can make sure to be respectful of one another.
Please be ready to leave by the time our scheduled time is at an end.  I do not want to have to feel like I am rushing you out the door, and you don't want that either.  If you desire to take a shower before you leave, please make sure to complete your shower during our regularly scheduled time.  Let us always be respectful of each other's time.


Stay in touch.  
I like to meet my friends more than once!

Feel free to write a review.
Vouch me on Indys, request an OK or WhiteList on P411 or TER, or write me a review on TER, Indys, or ECCIE.  Vouches and reviews are how we keep each other safe and make sure everyone gets the kind of experience they are looking for.

Use me as a reference
Give me a heads up if you'd like to use me as a reference to meet another provider.  I'm especially happy to act as a reference for Julia Labelle.

Give me feedback.
If there is anything I can do to improve your next experience with me, I am always willing to learn.  


Be sure to provide location details.
Provide me with the address and room number (if applicable) where I will be meeting you as soon as possible.

Give me information about parking if you have it.  
Extra donation to cover parking is appreciated if I must pay to park.



Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio

Contact Me

Thank you so much for your interest in spending time with me!
The contact/booking form will be sent to my personal email address, and I treat all information with the utmost discretion.  Initial contact must be through text or email if you do not wish to use this form.  I do not accept phone calls from numbers I do not recognize.


Secure Contact Form


(614) 468-3513


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Screening is non-negotiable and must be completed before I will agree to meet with you.  Please have your screening materials prepared when you first make contact with me to show that you are taking this process seriously. 

The greatest confidence is given to references from other established providers that have recent reviews and that you have seen in the last 12 months.

Online Screening:
 A third party screening service such as P411 is also acceptable if you do not have current references.  You must have an OK from an active provider within the last 12 months.  This is currently the only screening service I accept.  I am no longer accepting Date Check as a standalone screening service. 

Alternate Methods:
If neither of these options works for you, I may be able to complete screening through your work or photo identification.  Please send me a direct email at to inquire further. 


Need a reference?

If we have met in the past 12 months, I am happy to act as a reference for you.
If you're a companion who needs a reference from me, please email me.

Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio

Spoil Me

For the gentleman that likes to go above and beyond, I am providing some ideas for ways that you can express your generosity.  Gifts and tips are never expected, and will never be taken for granted.  They will always be deeply appreciated.


Cash tips are an easy way to spoil me. This option allows me the most freedom with your generosity. 
If you do not wish to tip me, but want to find other ways to spoil me, here are some other options:


Please ask me about various charitable non-profits you can donate to.  I like making the world a better place, and I have many ideas to find a charity that you and I can both feel proud of supporting.

Gift Certificate:

The places I most like receiving gift cards from are Amazon, Google Play, Uber, REI, and Yankee Candle.


Dark chocolate is a favorite treat of mine.  The darker, the better!


I am not always willing to share a beverage during a meeting, so please ask first, but if you do bring a beverage, I enjoy bourbon, Scotch, and IPAs.

Wish List:

My wish list through Delivery Code has a variety of other ideas that I am very happy to receive as gifts.  You can bring them to our meeting, or have them shipped to me at your leisure. 

Elite Luxury Companion - Columbus, Ohio