Aug 20 2018 Why Aren't They Responding?!Category: General     11:55PM   0

If you’ve recently contacted a provider, perhaps you’ve had the perplexing experience of not getting any response at all to your messages or calls, or maybe you had a conversation that seemed to be going well, and then they ghosted.  While there do exist providers that get overwhelmed with the amount of communication they receive and this might happen even if you don’t do anything wrong, here are some of the reasons that I will stop talking to a potential client, and

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May 31 2018 Short Notice SecretsCategory: General     01:20PM   0

I've noticed that many of you, due to work or other things going on, can't always plan ahead and can only do short-notice or same day appointments.  I'm typically unable to make these kinds of arrangements work.  However, there are ways you can make short-notice more likely to be successful, especially with me, and some of these tips may also be successful with fellow providers, although I always encourage you to ask them directly.

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